UnPlugged 2017 | ca. 7'30''

      Solo piano and electronics

                    Commissioned by the Savage Jazz Dance Company and the Oakland School for the Arts

               First Performance: November 16, 2017 | "Sketches of Oakland" | Emily Tian, piano | 


Eighteenth Street 2017 | ca. 8'

      String Quartet

                    Commissioned by the Savage Jazz Dance Company and the Oakland School for the Arts

                            First Performance: November 16, 2017 | "Sketches of Oakland" | 


Dies Iræ 2017 | ca. 1'30''

      Chamber Orchestra

                    For the Las Positas College Orchestra

                             First Performance: October 26, 2017 | Las Positas College Orchestra | Witching Hour Fall Concert


Echo 2017 | ca. 7'

      Chamber Orchestra

                    For the Las Positas College Orchestra

                             First Performance: October 26, 2017 | Las Positas College Orchestra | Witching Hour Fall Concert


L I B R A T I O N  2017 | ca. 6'30"

         Vocalizing Violin and Viola

                     Commissioned for Aperture Duo

                                First Performance: February 2017 | Aperture Duo: Adrianne Pope, Violin & Linnea Powell, Viola |                                                                                                         Eureka! Musical Minds of California Graduate Conference | CSUF


Armenator 2016 | 4' 

Solo cello

Commissioned for Armen Ksajikian

First performance: July 2016 | Armen Ksajikian

 *Southern Hemisphere Premiere | September 2016 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Sweet Lovers Love The Spring 2015 | 3'

Mixed Chorus and Piano

First Performance: February 2016 | Society for Composers, Inc. Region VI Conference 


Resounding 2015 | 7'

String Quartet

First Performance: Written for the Southern California Chamber Music Workshop | Composer-in-Residence


Ditt-E! 2015 | 4'

Solo Viola     

First Performance: May 9, 2015 |  Erica Zappia, viola, Amaranth String Quartet  

Eureka! Musical Minds of California | University of California, Santa Cruz 


SOULS  2014 | 4'

Contralto, offstage Soprano, and Piano | Version for two sopranos and contralto available.

First Performance: September 11, 2014 | Tatiana Thibodeaux, piano & Carol Lisek, contralto & Leslie La Barre, soprano

American Conversations Concert | Westerbeck Hall, Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA


SILVA  2014 | 4'

Alto Flute, Viola, and Double Bass

Written for the Oregon Bach Festival 

First Performance: July 3, 2014 | Beall Auditorium, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR



Solo Piano

First Performance: June 7, 2014. Arranged and coordinated past and present students of retiring professors Frank La Rocca and Ellen Wassermann. Twelve various composition students (myself included) wrote 30 second variations based on La Rocca's choral work, "O Magnum Mysterium."



STEEP TRAILS 2014 | 5'

Countertenor and Piano | Versions for mezzo-soprano, soprano, and baritone available & additional multimedia component (Contact composer for multimedia visuals and information)

Text by John Muir (1938-1914)

First Performance: April 5, 2014 | Tatiana Thibodeaux, piano | Chris Law, countertenor



VOCALISE FOR MARIBEL for Solo Soprano 2013 | 4.35'                                                                                         

Solo Soprano

*Commissioned work 

First Performance: TBA December 2016. Maribel Ruiz-Velasco, coloratura soprano


MY STAR 2013 | 6.30'

SSATB, a Cappella | SSSAA, a Cappella version available

Poetry by Robert Browning 


SHIBUI & NOH 2012 |  9' 

Violin, Clarinet, and Piano

           2 Movements: Shibui, Interlude & Noh

First Performance: May 22, 2012. RedShift Ensemble

Dedicated to the memory of composer and educator Glenn Glasow and in commemoration of the 10th Annual Glen Glasow Memorial Fellowship Concert. 




Chamber Orchestra & Vocal Soloists [2S, 1MS, 1f, 1c, 1t, 1h,, 2vln, 2v, 1c, 1db, pf, timp, pc.]

*Commissioned work 

First Performance: May 10, 2012. Nancy Wait-Kromm, soprano soloist | Lillian Cromer, mezzo-soprano soloist | Matthew Peterson, baritone soloist | Ariel Estébez, soprano soloist | Elisse La Barre, conductor



PIZZOCOLOGY 2011 | 8' 

String Quartet


PIANO SONATA 2011 | 12'

Solo Piano

3 Movements: Aurae, Aurora, Averruncus

First Performance: May 2011. Dr. Ellen Wassermann, piano 



ALICE IN JAZZ LAND 2010 | unlimited

Solo Piano Improvisation

First Performance: Santa Clara University Arrival Concert. Leslie La Barre, pianist.


ANNABEL LEE 2009 | 12' 

Baritone & Piano | versions for soprano, mezzo-soprano, and tenor are available

First Performance: Santa Clara University. Matt Peterson, baritone 



Film Score Documentary


EASTERN BLUES 2009 | 2' 



AURORA 2008 | 4' 

Solo Piano

First Performance: Santa Clara University . Dr. Teresa McCollough, pianist. 



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