Eureka! Musical Minds of California



Eureka! conference aims to create an unprecedented environment to showcase the diverse work created in California graduate music institutions. Concentrating on breaking down interdisciplinary and institutional boundaries between musicologists, theorists, ethnomusicologists, music educators, composers, sound artists, and performers, Eureka! forges lasting connections between graduate scholars within the state. Directed by Elisse La Barre (UCSC) and Leslie La Barre (CGU), Eureka! is pleased to announce California State University, Fullerton School of Music as the 2017 institutional partner.                                                       

Presentations on a wide range of musical topics and from any discipline of graduate study in music are encouraged. Graduates are invited to present their independent research through three presentation methods: paper/oral presentations, lecture recitals, and scores. In 2015, there was an overwhelming response to this initiative, Eureka! Musical Minds of California received applications from the following institutions: 

UC, Davis | UC, Santa Barbara | UC, Santa Cruz | UC, San Diego | UC, Irvine | UC, Los Angeles | UC Riverside | San Francisco Conservatory | CSU, East Bay | Mills | CalArts | Claremont Graduate University | Stanford | University of Southern California.

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